Michigan Dems Celebrate Gov Signing Legislation Codifying Affordable Care Act Protections to State Law

Michigan Democrats take another stride toward ensuring health care access for all Michiganders

LANSING — Today, Gov. Whitmer signed a package of bills that will make provisions of the Affordable Care Act permanent in Michigan state law. This will help reduce the cost of health care in Michigan and expand discrimination protections so that more Michiganders than ever can afford health care.

Many Republicans made it clear that they won’t even do the bare minimum for Michiganders’ access to health care and lower costs, with the entire House Freedom Caucus voting against every single aspect of this package, and many frontline Republicans like Rep. Jim DeSana and Rep. Ann Bollin voting against key aspects of the legislation.

“It’s been a big week for Michigan Democrats delivering on health care for Michiganders. With Governor Whitmer’s signature we have taken another major step toward lowering health care costs and expanding access by cementing key provisions of the Affordable Care Act into Michigan law,” said Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes. “Michigan Democrats are committed to putting the health of Michiganders before the profits of the drug companies by banning discrimination and removing lifetime care caps. Once again, extremist Michigan Republicans voted against common-sense, cost-saving legislation that protects Michiganders. While we know these extremists will continue to side with Big Pharma, Michigan Democrats will keep fighting for Michiganders’ pocketbooks – because every Michigander deserves quality, affordable health care.”

We are thankful for our Democratic sponsors on this comprehensive package of bills including Rep. Julie Rogers, Rep. Kimberly Edwards, Rep. John Fitzgerald, Rep. Reggie Miller, Rep. Matt Koleszar, Sen. Kevin Hertel, Sen. Mary Cavanaugh, and Sen. Veronica Klinefelt who championed this vital legislation. This package helps Michiganders save on healthcare costs by restricting lifetime caps on coverage, banning discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation, and allowing children to remain on their parents’ plan until they’re 26.


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