Michigan Dems Celebrate Economic Achievements Made Under the CHIPS Act

LANSING — One year ago today, the Biden-Harris Administration signed into law the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act which heralded a new era of investment into domestic manufacturing here in Michigan. The semiconductor and clean energy sectors of our economy are driving the future here in Michigan and thanks to the CHIPS Act, we will be able to create countless good-paying, high-quality jobs for our communities.

“Thanks to Democratic leadership, Michigan is building the future,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes. “President Biden’s CHIPS and Science Act are bolstering a new generation of technology, jobs, and opportunities for Michiganders that will make us a global leader in emerging industries. Between battery plants, semiconductor facilities, and innovative workforce programs, Democrats are building on Michigan’s proud tradition of industry to ensure that future generations of Michiganders can prosper.”

Thanks to the CHIPS Act semiconductor companies like SK Siltron CSS, which is investing $300 million into its manufacturing facility, and the Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation, which announced plans to invest $375 million, are demonstrating their commitment to building the future of innovation and industry here in Michigan, bringing jobs and opportunities to the state. Thanks to Democratic leadership from Lansing to the White House, businesses are recognizing that everyone can make it in Michigan.


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