Michigan Dems Boldly Expand Reproductive Rights, While MIGOP Doubles Down on Attack on Fundamental Freedoms

With the Reproductive Health Act, Dems take yet another step forward in the path to achieving reproductive freedom for all Michiganders

LANSING — The Reproductive Health Act (RHA), led by Speaker Pro Tempore Laurie Pohutsky and State Senator Sarah Anthony, had its first public hearing this morning in the legislature and it’s clearer than ever that Michigan Democrats are committed to being bold leaders on expanding abortion rights. The 11-bill package would remove numerous existing barriers to abortion access, including rules preventing public and private insurance from covering abortion care, waiting periods that delay Michiganders from getting the care they need when they need it, requirements for physicians to share medically inaccurate information with their patients, and regulations that force clinics to shut down.

Even after voters made their support for reproductive rights clear when they elected a reproductive freedom majority in the state legislature and overwhelmingly approved the Prop 3 ballot initiative, the MAGA Michigan Republicans are turning their backs and going against the will of their constituents. Time and time again, the MAGA MI GOP has stood against our fundamental freedoms and has made it clear that given the opportunity, they would decimate abortion rights.

“Michigan Republicans have made it clear that they have no qualms jeopardizing their constituents’ access to health care and will stand in the way of any progress on reproductive rights in Michigan,” said Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes. “Democrats spent the beginning of the year undoing Republicans’ dangerous anti-abortion laws and now are diligently working to expand our fundamental rights and protect every Michigander’s bodily autonomy. No matter what the GOP does, Michigan Democrats will protect your reproductive freedom so politicians are kept out of the exam room and your health care remains between you and your doctor.”

Michigan Democrats are standing up for reproductive freedoms against a Republican Party that wants to strip those rights away. The Reproductive Health Act is another step toward putting Michiganders first. 


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