Michigan Democrats Statement on Two-Time Loser John James

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes released the following statement on two-time loser John James fighting for a third chance to represent Michiganders who keep rejecting him: 

It looks like losing two statewide elections in a row wasn’t enough of a blow to his ego, because John James is running for a third time to represent Michiganders who continue to say they don’t want him. Voters in the new 10th district won’t stand for a candidate with an out-of-touch, dangerous agenda to ban abortions, get rid of their affordable health care options, and blindly follow extremists like Donald Trump instead of actually representing their best interests. The third time will not be the charm for James.” 

While Republicans like John James remain in Trump’s back pocket to follow his extreme agenda instead of focusing on the needs of working families, Democrats in Congress have been hard at work to: 

  • Prevent price gouging and help lower gas prices for working Michiganders at the pump;
  • Ensure women have the ability to access contraception and travel acoss state lines for the abortion care they need; and 
  • Get the FDA resources to address the baby formula shortage. 

Voters in the 10th know we need a Democrat in Congress if we want to continue this agenda of lowering costs and protecting Michiganders’ rights.

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