Michigan Democrats Statement on Carpetbagger Paul Junge

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes released the following statement on out-of-stater Paul Junge trying to buy a congressional seat for the second election in a row

“San Diego native Paul Junge is a trust-fund baby and disgraced former lawyer who is now trying to use his parents’ millions to buy his way into Congress. 

“He’s lived his life flitting from job to job, lining his pockets with big oil investments at the expense of working families—and his out-of-touch politics will be even more damaging for Mid-Michigan families: banning abortion without exception, taking away affordable health care, and teaming up with other Republicans to rip away the Medicare and Social Security guarantee. Junge is way too extreme for the 8th district and that’s exactly why Michiganders will resoundingly reject him in November—again.”

While Republicans like Paul Junge have shown that they will stop at nothing to achieve their ultra-MAGA agenda of extreme abortion bans and fight culture wars instead of focusing on what really matters, Democrats like Congressman Dan Kildee have been hard at work to: 

  • Prevent price gouging and help lower gas prices for working Michiganders at the pump;
  • Ensure women have the ability to access contraception and travel acoss state lines for the abortion care they need; and 
  • Get the FDA resources to address the baby formula shortage. 
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