Michigan Democrats Slam Trump and GOP For Broken Promises Ahead of Mackinac Island Getaway

LANSING – Ahead of the Republican Party’s Mackinac Conference, the Michigan Democratic Party held a press conference call today highlighting the GOP’s record of broken promises that Michiganders won’t hear them talking about this weekend. 

On the call, MDP Chair Lavora Barnes spoke about the relentless Republican attack on protections for people with pre-existing conditions, their broken promises around supporting Michigan workers, and the GOP tax scam that is only helping the wealthy and well-connected.  

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes:  “This weekend Republican leaders from across the country are coming to Michigan to scheme about how to sell their agenda to our working families. Their real agenda consists of repealing the ACA, slashing Social Security and Medicare, and a tax scam that benefits the rich over everyday people. And up and down the ticket, it’s the same story. Broken promises and Republicans in support of these failed policies. So as Republicans speak at their panels and give their lofty speeches this weekend, remember this is nothing more than a desperate PR exercise to cover for a deeply unpopular agenda and a president who has broken promise after promise to Michigan workers.”


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