Michigan Democrats Slam Donald Trump, Congressional Republicans for Broken Promises During Pence Visit

GRAND RAPIDS––While Mike Pence visited Michigan in a desperate attempt to salvage the state for Donald Trump and his Republican cronies, Michigan Democrats held a conference call slamming the failed Trump administration for their broken promises to Michigan voters.

On the call, MDP Chair Lavora Barnes and congressional candidates Bryan Berghoef and Jon Hoadley highlighted Donald Trump’s broken promises on health care, the economy, and clean water and the failure of congressional Republicans to hold him accountable.

“Mike Pence and Donald Trump have broken the promises they made to Michiganders. And they’re terrified of losing because of it,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes. “Republicans up and down the ticket are tied to this unpopular agenda. We saw that in 2018 when Democrats across the country sent Republicans packing and took back the House. And we saw that earlier this year when Republicans in ruby-red states like Louisiana and Kentucky were dealt devastating defeats. Mike Pence saw this too and that’s why he’s here. He sees Michigan rejecting Donald Trump’s broken promises and knows that will cost Donald Trump the presidency.”

“The laundry list of unfulfilled commitments of the Trump/Pence administration represents a failure to bring about their promise of change for the working people of Michigan,” said Democratic candidate for Michigan’s 6th Congressional District Jon Hoadley. “Congressman Fred Upton has stood with the Trump/Pence administration on the votes that hurt our neighbors. Congressman Upton and the Trump/Pence administration have failed to do anything to address skyrocketing health care and prescription drug costs, failed to act on climate change, and failed to deliver any relief to working families struggling to get by.”

“As a pastor with a church right in downtown Holland, I want to say that our community is happy to welcome all who visit us here in Holland, including Vice President Pence,” said Democratic candidate for Michigan’s 2nd Congressional District Bryan Berghoef. “We are living in incredibly divisive times and are as polarized as ever. I firmly believe it is time for us to come together to remember we are neighbors and American citizens before we are Republicans or Democrats. As a friend recently said to me, ‘It is time, not to go further right or further left, but to go deeper.’ I also feel strongly that we must demand that our leaders be people of honesty and integrity. The political approach of our current President is to sow politics of division, denigrate all who disagree with him, and regularly disregard the truth. I and many others are disappointed that fellow people of faith like Mike Pence and Bill Huizenga have stood idly by, or worse, have supported such tactics. We can and must do better.”

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