Michigan Democrats, Auto Worker Blast Trump for Broken Promises Outside Warren Event

LANSING– Today, Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes, Macomb County Commissioner Robert Mijac, and worker Tony Durkacs blasted Donald Trump for his broken promises to Michigan workers outside his Warren event. In their remarks, they highlighted the 5,300 Michigan manufacturing jobs lost in the last year due to Trump’s erratic trade war and the workers who lost their jobs last summer in the General Motors Warren Transmission Plant shutdown.

“Yet again, Donald Trump is coming to Michigan to tell tall tales of economic success and promises kept,” said MDP Chair Lavora Barnes. “But I can tell you, Michigan voters aren’t buying it. They see the side of our state that Donald Trump refuses to mention. The side he ignores because it tells an inconvenient story of promises made and promises broken. During his campaign, Donald Trump stood here in Warren and told us, ‘if I’m elected, you won’t lose one plant.’ Just last Friday, we learned Michigan lost 5,300 manufacturing jobs in the last year alone. For the 5,300 manufacturing workers in Michigan who lost their jobs last year, these broken promises by Donald Trump are yet more evidence that we cannot afford four more years of this ineffective president.”

“Macomb County workers want government to work for the people and middle class and not just for the 1%, big money, or corporate special interests,” said Macomb County Commissioner Robert Mijac. “Trump and the Republican Party policies do not reflect those of middle class workers. Donald Trump has broken his promises to me and my community, and we’re going to hold him accountable this November.”

“Donald Trump has broken promise after promise to Michigan workers,” said Tony Durkacs. “He said he’d tackle prescription drug costs, but prices are skyrocketing for basic drugs like insulin. He said he’d cut our taxes, but instead gave his rich friends a handout and attacked Social Security. And he promised to protect clean water in Michigan, but fights to allow pollution in our waterways. Michiganders need to stand against his attacks and elect a president who fights for everyday people.”

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