Michigan Democratic Party Statement on Unemployment Benefits Expiring for 500,000 Michiganders

The Michigan Democratic Party released the following statement on behalf of spokesman Christian Slater on Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans failing to extend unemployment benefits for over 500,000 unemployed Michiganders over two months after House Democrats passed an extension:

“Donald Trump created a historic economic crisis with his failed COVID-19 response and has now partnered with Congressional Republicans to slash critical benefits from over 500,000 Michiganders his ineffective leadership has forced into unemployment. For two months, Trump wasted time and showed no interest in fighting for the workers who are devastated by the current economic crisis. Now that we’re at the deadline, Republicans are desperately attempting to spin their way out of a crisis of their own making. Donald Trump, John James, and Republicans up and down the ballot have shown nothing but callous disregard for the families suffering at the hands of this president’s failures.”

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