Michigan Democratic Party Statement on Trump’s Ypsilanti Visit

LANSING– The Michigan Democratic Party released the following statement on behalf of Chair Lavora Barnes on Trump’s Ypsilanti political rally:

“When faced with the greatest public health crisis of our lifetime, Donald Trump called COVID-19 a hoax and downplayed the threat for months, failed to get frontline healthcare workers the PPE they need to fight the pandemic, and tried to cast blame on everybody but himself as he played political games with Michiganders’ lives. Now, as the economy spirals downward and the pandemic continues, he is desperately attempting to take a victory lap with a sham political rally disguised as a presidential visit.

“This president offers Michigan nothing but broken promises and messaging gimmicks meant to distract from his erratic and inadequate response to COVID-19. The truth is that Donald Trump has stumbled from crisis to crisis during this pandemic and Michigan has suffered as a result. No amount of empty words and lip service can undo the damage done by his failures.”

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