Michigan Democratic Party Statement on Trump Warren Visit

LANSING–The Michigan Democratic Party released the following statement on behalf of spokesman Christian Slater in response to Donald Trump’s announced trip to Warren:

“Michiganders are used to Trump coming to Warren and making big promises, but now we’ve seen his record: lost manufacturing jobs  and agenda that benefits the rich and powerful over working families. When Trump campaigned in Warren in 2016 he promised ‘you won’t lose one plant’ — but he was too ineffective to follow through on his words, factories are closing and under his administration Michigan lost over 5,000 manufacturing jobs last year.   Michiganders know Trump offers nothing more than harmful policies and empty words as he puts his rich friends and special interests before everyday working families, and voters will hold him accountable.” 


PROMISE: Donald Trump In Warren, Michigan: “If I’m elected, you won’t lose one plant, you’ll have plants coming into this country, you’re going to have jobs again, you won’t lose one plant, I promise you that and if Ford and the other ones having started building their plant they’ll be back believe me before they start building their plant, believe me. The polls have been great. What happened is Michigan has been won in many, many years, decades and I said, well wait a minute. Why aren’t I doing well in Michigan they said you are, you are even.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Warren MI, 10/31/16]

REALITY: General Motors announced layoffs at its plant in Warren, Michigan. “General Motors is cutting factory jobs again. The automaker will eliminate one of two shifts at its Warren, Michigan plant, which makes transmissions. The company won’t say how many jobs will be affected, but the cuts could eliminate about half of the nearly 600 jobs at the plant.” [CNNMoney, 5/31/17]

PROMISE: TRUMP: “I’m doing this to make our country great again. Very simple. Very simple. Your industry in Michigan is going to start up big league again. These car manufacturers, they’re going to build right here now. It’s enough. It’s enough what’s gone on, the stupidity” [Trump Campaign Rally, Grand Rapids, MI, 12/21/15]

REALITY: Washington Post Fact Checker: “Motor vehicle manufacturing jobs in Michigan declined by nearly 1,500, comparing BLS totals from Trump’s first full month in office through April 2019.” [Washington Post, 6/13/19]

REALITY: Bloomberg: “The Rust Belt states that narrowly helped deliver Donald Trump’s presidential victory lost manufacturing jobs in 2019 amid trade wars and a strong dollar… Michigan was down 5,300.”

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