Michigan Democratic Party Statement on Donald Trump’s Ypsilanti Campaign Events

YPSILANTI– The Michigan Democratic Party released the following statement on behalf of Chair Lavora Barnes on Donald Trump’s campaign events in Ypsilanti:

“Donald Trump showed Michigan nothing but neglect and disinterest while our state was devastated by a global pandemic for which he refused to prepare. Frontline health care workers went without PPE, hospitals faced ventilator shorages, and our economy was sent into a downward spiral while he picked partisan fights with local leaders and focused on sham messaging gimmicks.

“Now, after an erratic and failed COVID-19 response from Donald Trump, Michigan has seen over 5,000 deaths and 1.7 million job losses in our state, but this president thinks he can declare ‘mission accomplished’ and take a victory lap. Today’s events were pathetic, partisan campaign stunts from a president who is becoming increasingly desperate as he sees Michigan slipping through his fingers. Cheap words and empty promises can’t undo the damage he has done to our state.” 

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