Michigan Democratic Party Recognizes Uncertified Cop James Craig as a Full-Fledged Election Conspiracy Theorist

LANSING — Republican James Craig went back on multiple pledges to be a fully licensed police officer in both Detroit and Cincinnati over the final decade of his law enforcement career because he found completing the process to honor his word to be “overly time-consuming.”

To help him compensate for his inability to complete standard law enforcement actions under the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards, the Michigan Democratic Party is recognizing James Craig as Certified Election Conspiracy Theorist.

Craig, who for months refused to answer repeated questions surrounding his belief that fraud was a factor in the 2020 general, has jumped fully into the election extremist deep end. The same day right-wing fanatics descended on Michigan’s statehouse to demand a forensic audit for the nth time, Craig penned an op-ed backing up their baseless lies with the call for “an extensive audit of the election results.” This of course came in spite of the fact that “there have been more than 250 audits of Michigan’s election and all of them have confirmed the 2020 Election was secure,” according to WDIV Local 4.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“James Craig had to jump through logical hoops to push to re-certify an election with results that have been confirmed over 250 times while also arguing that failing to get certified to do his job for the past decade wasn’t a big deal. Craig’s unreserved willingness to embolden the endlessly extreme demands of election conspiracy theorists is a slap in the face to the Detroiters he swore to serve and protect as a fully certified police chief.”

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