Michigan Democratic Party Reacts to First Hearing of the Independent Redistricting Commission

Lansing – The Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission asked for feedback on their proposed draft maps and on Wednesday they got it. There were hours of public comment during the Detroit public hearing about how the proposed maps need to be changed to comply with the Voting Rights Act and improve partisan fairness. 

MDP Chair Lavora Barnes issued the following statement: “I watched person after person line up at the TCF Center and speak with one voice. We will not sit quietly as you diminish the importance of Black votes, intentional or not. The MICRC needs to address these concerns and make adjustments to their maps in response. The voters of Detroit and Black people everywhere will know if they are being ignored, when they see the new lines. I want to believe the people of Detroit and southeast Michigan were heard; I want to believe the MICRC will do the right thing.”

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