Michigan Democratic Party on President Biden’s Historic Build Back Better Framework

Today, after President Biden announced a Build Back Better framework that will deliver once-in-a-generation investments in the economy for working people, Michigan Democratic Party spokesperson Alyssa Bradley released the following statement:

“President Biden campaigned on a promise that he would level the playing field for working families and make government work for working people again — and his Build Back Better framework will do just that. This transformative plan — supported by a large majority of Americans — will lower costs for families, create millions of new jobs, invest in children and caregiving for generations, and provide critical investments for addressing climate change.

“The American people elected President Biden and put Democrats in charge of Congress so that they could deliver results for working people, small businesses, and communities left behind by Republicans. Now, thanks to Democrats’ leadership and the tireless work of community advocates, millions of families across Michigan will benefit from the Build Back Better agenda.

“Come 2022, voters will remember that it was President Biden and Democrats in Congress who delivered this historic framework while Republicans sought to block these once-in-a-generation investments every step of the way.”

Here’s how the Build Back Better framework will deliver:

  • Extends the current expanded Child Tax Credit for one year, benefiting more than 1.9 million Michigan families and makes refundability of the Child Tax Credit permanent.
  • Expands access to free high-quality preschool for more than six million children.
  • Makes investments in and provides incentives to address extreme weather like flooding, high winds, thunderstorms, and wildfires, legacy pollution in communities, and a Civilian Climate Corps.
  • Invests $150 billion in housing affordability and reducing price pressures, including in rural areas. 
  • Extends the expanded Affordable Care Act premium tax credits through 2025. This will ensure the 274,058 Michiganders enrolled in this plan receive the health care they need. 

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