Michigan Democratic Party Approves 2020 Delegate Selection and Affirmative Action Plan

LANSING — The Michigan Democratic Party announced today the approval of the Michigan Delegate Selection and Affirmative Action Plan that lays out the process for selecting delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention, as well as nominating the next Democratic candidate for President in 2020. Approved at the State Central Committee meeting in Port Huron, the plan can be viewed in its entirety at michigandems.com.

The Delegate Selection Process will work as follows:

  • Michigan will use a proportional representation system based on the results of the March 10, 2020, primary for apportioning its delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention.
  • A presidential candidate is eligible to participate in the March 10 primary by either being identified by the Secretary of State as a known candidate or by having the State Party Chairperson confirm with the Secretary of State that they are a candidate, pursuant to MCL 168.614a.
  • Presidential candidates must certify the name of their authorized representative(s) to the Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party by November 4, 2019.
  • In order to run for delegate to the convention, individuals must be a party member by the filing deadline. The party will begin accepting applications in January 2020.

Additional details can be found on the MDP website by clicking here. This Michigan Delegate Selection and Affirmative Action Plan ensures that our delegation will reflect the great diversity of our state and the Michigan Democratic Party.


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