Michigan Democratic Party Announces Slate of Abortion Ads Across the State as GOP Threatens Reproductive Freedom

MI Republican candidates can run, but they can’t hide from their extreme records on abortion.

LANSING, MI., — Today, the Michigan Democratic Party announced a new digital and TV ad slate underscoring Michigan Republicans’ extreme anti-abortion agenda and the threat it poses to Michigan women and doctors. The ads feature 20 Republican candidates in 20 competitive districts, who have all pledged to ban abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest.

“Michigan Republicans are gearing up to rip reproductive rights away from millions of Michigan women and insert their dangerous politics into our personal family decisions,” said Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes. “Electing Michigan Democrats to the State House this fall is voters’ best chance to protect abortion rights and ensure Republicans are held accountable for their repeated attacks on abortion rights.”

The ads, which will air on cable in 6 media markets across the state, as well as on digital and in select broadcast zones, launch at a time when a number of Republicans in Dem-trending seats attempt to hide their records on abortion. Many of the ads highlight endorsements by Michigan Right to Life, an organization that supports Michigan’s 1931 ban and opposes exceptions for rape and incest.

“Protecting the right to an abortion is becoming the number one issue for Michigan voters this November,” said House Democratic Leader Donna Lasinski (D – Scio Township). “It is absolutely critical that voters understand where Republican candidates for State House stand on reproductive rights, especially when it comes to life-threatening complications or victims of rape or incest. In all of the most competitive seats on the map this year, Republican candidates could not be more extreme – all of them are on record opposing exceptions for rape and incest.”

Incumbent Jack O’Malley gave up his Right to Life endorsement in order to appear more moderate on abortion, yet voted just 12 days later in a House Committee against repealing Michigan’s 1931 abortion ban, which makes no exceptions for rape or incest. He has proudly touted his Right to Life endorsement in the past, and has voted for bills that would imprison doctors who perform abortion and co-sponsored multiple anti-abortion bills.

The ads running in House District 55 also come after Republican incumbent Mark Tisdel, who most recently made headlines for suggesting that Michigan’s 1931 ban should be updated to charge women and doctors with murder rather than manslaughter.

Watch one of the ads: “Choice, Tisdel” here:

A full transcript of the ad appears below:

This summer a radical Supreme Court decision took away a woman’s right to choose. Mark Tisdel stands with that decision. He’s for banning abortion with almost no exceptions. Under Mark Tisdel’s extreme agenda, abortion would be a felony. Doctors and women could be thrown in jail. Rape victims would be forced to give birth. For Michigan women, girls and families, this election is critical. Dr. Patricia Bernard stands for your right to make decisions about your body and your future.

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