Michigan Dem Chair Applauds Gov Signing of Domestic Violence Protections

With Governor Whitmer’s signature, Michiganders will be more protected from the threat of gun violence from abusers

LANSING — Today, Governor Whitmer signed legislation banning anyone convicted of a domestic violence-related misdemeanor from owning or purchasing a gun for 8 years after their sentence. This major legislation was championed by our Democratic leaders in the legislature and will protect countless lives as it helps keep weapons out of reach for abusers.

Governor Whitmer signed this critical bill in Kalamazoo, home of Michigan’s very own MAGA Matt Hall, who not only led the majority of his caucus to vote against this legislation but has his own history of partner harassment and violent threats. It’s unfortunate to see MIGOP members follow his lead and vote to let domestic abusers continue to have access to firearms, making it incredibly clear which side of this issue they are on.

“Michigan Democrats have enacted law after law to protect our communities from the epidemic of gun violence,” said Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes. “I am proud of Democratic leaders for stepping up for survivors of domestic violence and enacting another piece of much-needed common-sense gun reform. Even as the majority of MAGA Matt Hall’s Republicans voted against keeping individuals and families safe from life-threatening abuse, Democrats got the job done to make a safer Michigan for everyone.”

Besides the fact that the entire extreme House Freedom Caucus voted against these bills, here are just a few of the key Republican Representatives who voted against this common-sense legislation:

  • House Minority Leader Rep. Matt Hall
  • Rep. Jamie Thompson
  • Rep. Jim DeSana
  • Rep. Donni Steele
  • Rep. Kathy Schmaltz
  • Rep. Nancy De Boer

If these Republicans can’t be trusted to take an easy vote in support of this crucial legislation – which the overwhelming majority of Michiganders support – they cannot be trusted to represent their constituents in office. When a domestic abuser has access to firearms, it makes it five times more likely that they will murder their victim. This legislation is a significant step towards protecting some of our most vulnerable Michiganders.


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