MDP Statement on Mike Rogers’ Senate Announcement

LANSING — Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes issued the following statement on Mike Rogers’ entrance into the Senate Republican primary in Michigan: 

“Michigan Republicans’ nasty primary will leave them with a badly damaged nominee who is out of touch with Michigan families and will struggle in the general election. Retread Mike Rogers quit on Michigan nearly a decade ago, but he won’t be able to hide from his record: pushing the interests of China and big corporations at the expense of working families, putting Medicare and Social Security on the chopping block, and even backing an abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest.”

What to know about Mike Rogers and why Michigan Republicans are “fretting” and should be “rattled” about the “fantasy” that they could win the 2024 Senate race: 

  • Conservative Detroit News Columnist Nolan Finley: “It’s a nice fantasy to think Republicans could fill a Michigan Senate seat for the first time in nearly a quarter century. But to consider it likely requires a conjuring of an alternate universe to the one we’re living in today.”
  • The Hill: Why Michigan Republicans are fretting about 2024: “Michigan Republicans are anxious about 2024 as the party recovers from a disappointing midterm and struggles to find a way to reset in a key battleground state…Republicans have been facing electoral headwinds in the state’s Senate races for decades now. The last time a Republican won a Senate seat in Michigan was in 1994, when former Sen. Spencer Abraham took the seat. He was the first Republican in the state to win a Senate race since 1972.”  
  • The Hill: “The barrage of negative press has many Michigan Republicans worried that the state of the party will hinder their efforts in what is expected to be a major political battleground next year… Republicans critical of the state party have expressed doubt that they will be able to right the ship given the party’s financial issues and infighting.”
  • Rogers supports an extreme abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest. 
  • Rogers voted for the Ryan budget – which would have turned Medicare into a voucher program – and supports putting Social Security on the chopping block. 


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