MDP Response to James Craig Teasing An “Important Announcement” Coming Next Week

LANSING — During James Craig’s 27th appearance on a national news outlet since his retirement in may, the is-he-or-isn’t-he gubernatorial candidate teased that he may finally be getting in next week:

“I hope we can do this again next week. Because guess what? I have an important announcement for Michigan’s future. I promised you I am going to do it on your show.”

In response, MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite released the following statement:

“Flocking to a media safe space — with anchors like Tucker Carlson that never press him to answer any questions to define where he stands on the issues — could have only been thought up by the pack of insider consultants that are already driving James Craig’s political campaign. A real leader would use an announcement this big as an opportunity to make the case directly to Michiganders that they have what it takes and are genuinely interested in improving their lives. Luckily, our working families already have one. Governor Whitmer has put Michigan back to work and delivered one of the strongest economic comebacks in the country. No amount of cable appearances can undo those gains.”

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