MDP Responds to New PAC Supporting James Craig

LANSING — Today, a new PAC popped up presumably to support James Craig’s gubernatorial campaign. Former Michigan Governor John Engler is listed as the treasurer, signaling that Craig’s party insider consultants are plowing through full steam ahead with their plan to sidestep everyday Michiganders throughout this primary.

MDP Spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite released the following statement:

“MIGOP thumbprints are all over the gubernatorial primary scales as party insiders move heaven and earth to prop up James Craig’s weak candidacy, evidently an all hands on deck undertaking to help distract from the fact that he continues to ignore the grassroots. All the money in the world won’t make Michiganders forget that they still don’t know where Craig stands on key issues like the legitimacy of our electoral process and whether he’s willing to condemn insurrectionists that brutally beat cops on January 6th.”

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