MDP Helps James Craig With His Transparency Problems

LANSING — Over at MDP we take pride in helping out Michiganders in need. So after we saw Republican gubernatorial candidate James Craig lock himself away from local reporters inside a glass box and then refuse to answer a single question directly during his first press conference since May, we got to work on a solution — the cleaning kind.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite released the following statement:

“Best to clean glass when the sunlight is catching it so keep a lookout for the Windex between 8-9am this morning! Apologies for sending it to MIGOP HQ but we didn’t have your campaign HQ address and figured one of the many Republican party insiders putting their thumbs on the scale for your candidacy could get it over to you. May it aid your efforts to wipe your question-dodging slate clean and be more transparent with reporters in the future, but we suggest just answering their questions next time. Where you stand on the legitimacy of our elections and who or what you think incited the violent insurrection on January 6th would be an excellent start.”

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