MDP Congratulates Republicans Garrett Soldano, Ryan Kelly, Michael Markey, Ralph Rebandt, Mike Brown, Donna Brandenburg, Perry Johnson, Tudor Dixon, Kevin Rinke and James Craig on Ensuring Gubernatorial Primary Remains Crowded to the Bitter End

“The Republican primary ballot for Governor will be the state’s largest gubernatorial primary race in Michigan history.” – MIRS

This afternoon, the window for gubernatorial candidates to submit signatures to appear on the ballot closed. The Republican gubernatorial primary looks poised to remain crowded with 10 out of 12 wrong-for-Michigan candidates appearing to have cleared that bar, all but ensuring the field will remain messy, radical, and chaotic until voters cast ballots in August – despite Garrett Soldano’s preview that he may contest his opponent’s signatures.

The candidates have all made clear they won’t fight for Michigan families as they stand against improvements to infrastructure, funding for education, and measures to boost Michigan’s economy. 

With a little over three months to go, it’s clear they will continue to attack one another to boost their chances of making it through the crowded primary. Perry Johnson and his advisor has taken a swing at several candidates since he joined the race in February and James Craig has abandoned his previous pledge to not get negative as he dug into Johnson’s “perfection” messaging this month. Last week, Tudor Dixon blasted the entire field, “especially my opponents from Southeast Michigan,” calling them “mealy-mouthed” for not using rhetoric as extreme as hers.

With no frontrunner, it will only get worse from here as this pack of candidates continue their bitter race to the bottom – a divisive road paved by their wrong-for-Michigan agenda that actively seeks to harm working families.

MDP Chair Lavora Barnes issued the following statement:

“As expected, the Republican race for governor will remain crowded and divisive through the summer until the bitter end in August and on past the general. But don’t let the double digits fool you. Every last one of these gubernatorial candidates is pushing an agenda that aims to hamper our economy, ban access to reproductive health care, and drastically undercut law enforcement and public education. Working families are fortunate to have a leader in Governor Whitmer who has worked with anyone to keep us first.”

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