MDP Chair Lavora Barnes Statement on Trump’s Pathetic Attempt at Another Infrastructure Week

LANSING––The Michigan Democratic Party released the following statement on behalf of Chair Lavora Barnes on Donald Trump’s latest desperate attempt at an infrastructure week:

“Donald Trump’s broken promises on infrastructure have turned the very idea of rebuilding our nation’s crumbling roads and bridges into a national punchline. This president’s latest attempt at Michigan infrastructure week is a pathetic excuse for the comprehensive, $1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill we were promised. Michigan’s working families are tired of half measures and broken promises from this failure of a president who time and again has refused to fix the damn roads.”

Donald Trump’s Broken Infrastructure Promises:

  • After promising that, “crumbling roads, bridges, and airports will be replaced with the infrastructure our country needs and deserves” Trump has turned infrastructure week into a “punchline”.
  • In his 2019 budget, Trump proposed slashing nearly 60% of funding for New Starts Transit, which helps cities like Detroit and Flint build major transit projects.
  • Trump’s proposed infrastructure plan would “ask states for big bucks” and push project costs onto local governments.
  • A proposed Trump budget threatened to strand rural Michigan flights through draconian spending cuts.
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