MDP Calls on James Craig to Immediately Disclose What He Said in Secret Paid Speeches

MIRS recently reported that gubernatorial candidate James Craig owns and operates ‘JC Entertainment and Consulting’ a company he established in May in order to “offer himself up for speeches and expert advice.” According to the report, Craig has already fulfilled a number of paid speaking commitments, allowing him to generate “some income post-retirement as he ran for governor.”

MDP Chair Lavora Barnes issued the following statement:

“Today, we are calling on James Craig to immediately disclose what he’s been discussing in the private paid speeches he has been giving since way back in May. He has limited his availability to Michiganders and remains light on policy specifics despite countless opportunities to offer solutions to keep them first. Since Craig’s attention is apparently for sale, Michiganders deserve to know who has had deep enough pockets to demand it and what he’s promising to those people.”

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