MAIL CALL: Democrats Deliver for the U.S. Postal Service

Spearheaded by Michigan Senator Gary Peters, this bill delivers much needed reform to a vital mail service

Today, after Donald Trump-era efforts to cut U.S. Postal Service (USPS) delivery, President Biden is expected to sign the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022. Led by Senator Gary Peters, the House and Senate passed this bill to deliver a much-needed overhaul to the USPS mail services that Michiganders in every corner of the state rely on. Every single Democrat in Congress voted to ensure six-day delivery,  put USPS on the path to financial stability, and more. 

The U.S. Postal Service is the only entity that delivers mail to every single address in Michigan — that’s medications, social security checks, family correspondence, and vote-by-mail ballots that Michiganders rely on every day. So in order to further serve Michigan, in addition to continued delivery 6 days a week, the Postal Service Reform Act also includes new transparency standards to help hold USPS accountable for delays and opportunities for local, state and Indigenous governments to offer certain non-mail services.

The Postal Service Reform Act also makes key changes to ensure the long term fiscal health of the USPS, which lawmakers have been trying to accomplish for the past 14 years. Without legislation like the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022, the USPS would likely run out of cash to fund its nationwide operations by 2024. This would be catastrophic for everyone in Michigan, especially those in rural communities, seniors, those living on Native American reservations, and Michiganders in  other hard to reach places. 

Take a look at how this legislation will help Michiganders get their bills, medications, letters, and more:

  • You’ve Got Mail (Six Days a Week): The Postal Service Reform Act of 2022 will permanently require that postal workers make mail deliveries at least six days out of the week – Monday through Saturday folks at every address can get their necessities when needed. 
  • You’ve Got Transparency: The Postal Service Reform Act would require the Postal Service to develop a public-facing, online dashboard with national and local level service performance data updated each week to provide additional transparency and promote compliance with on-time delivery of mail.
  • You’ve Got Local Government Services: The Postal Service Reform Act would allow the Postal Service to partner with State, local, and tribal governments to offer non-postal services (for non-commercial purposes), such as hunting and fishing licenses, that provide enhanced value to the public.
  • You’ve Got News: Local news and access to vital information is important in every corner of our state, that’s why rural newspapers will continue to see special rates for delivery through this bill. 

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