Lying, Cheating, Stealing Matt DePerno Gets MIGOP Endorsement for Attorney General

Grand Rapids, Mich. – One of the biggest proponents of the “Big Lie” and the former president’s good friend, Matthew DePerno, has won the endorsement of the MIGOP at their weekend convention.

“The MIGOP should be ashamed of the candidates they have endorsed for the November election. Matt DePerno is one of Trump’s lackeys, clearly in the back pocket of the former president and willing to break the law on a whim,” said Lavora Barnes, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. “It doesn’t seem to matter how many fines he has to pay or the threat of losing his law license, if Trump asks DePerno to jump, he asks how high. And this man wants to be the top law enforcement officer in Michigan. Nothing in his background gives any indication that he is willing to protect all Michiganders, not just the ones that support his position on the “Big Lie” and the former president.”Today’s endorsements by the MIGOP pave the way for the already established, accomplished Attorney General Dana Nessel to win re-election and continue to fight for Michiganders just as she has done since day one.”


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