June James Craig to Present-Day James Craig: Vaguely Claiming You’re Anti-Choice Isn’t Going to Cut It

LANSING — Back in June, and before he launched a campaign rife with influence from political consultants, party insiders, and special interests, Detroit Dodger James Craig was quite frank about how he knew he’d be expected to answer tough questions on abortion while running for governor, saying: “I’ve got to be tight on every issue. Whether it’s critical race theory, pro-life. Everything. Things I haven’t really been involved with but will be asked about.”

But after months of running a clunky gubernatorial campaign that has by design left Michiganders in the dark on the issues they care about, Craig is going back on his own words — just like a typical politician. 

The assault on reproductive rights and privacy the Supreme Court allowed to gain footing in Texas has only made this more obvious and highlighted the dangers that would come from Michigan electing a leader that won’t take a stand on any issue. If Roe v. Wade is overturned, states will determine whether or not abortion remains legal. Voters deserve to know what candidates for Governor would do should that happen, but after months of being in this race, Craig’s vague anti-choice stance means Michiganders are no closer to knowing:

  • Whether he supports Michigan’s 1931 law that criminalizes abortion.
  • Whether he will refuse to sign abortion bills that provide no exemptions for rape or incest.
  • Whether he would sign a similar bill to gut reproductive rights as seen in Texas.
  • Whether he agrees with the Supreme Court’s decision allowing Texas’ abortion ban to stand.

“By James Craig’s own standards, he’s failed to tackle the issues important to Michiganders head on,” said Rodericka Applewhaite, MDP spokesperson. “As abortion rights once again come under assault, Michiganders deserve a leader that isn’t going to hide from them. There’s too much at stake for voters to entrust the fate of their future to someone acting like they don’t need to dignify what matters to Michiganders with clear answers. Women and families can’t afford to play the Detroit Dodger’s political games.”

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