John James Welcomes Trump’s Vice President to Michigan, His 2000% Support for Trump Administration as Strong as Ever

Pence in 2018: Trump believes…having Republicans like James in Congress would help continue the administration’s work

Failed Senate candidate John James warmly welcomed Vice President Mike Pence to Detroit yesterday, again confirming his unwavering support for the Trump administration and its toxic agenda is as strong as ever — no matter how many social media posts he tried to delete. Since announcing his second bid for the Senate, James has quietly embraced the President, holding an event in Florida with a top member of Trump’s finance team, and accepting his “100%” endorsement in a fundraising email. Just yesterday, Politico called Trump “James’ No. 1 ally.” His appearance with Pence is just the latest piece of evidence that he’s still all-in on the Trump administration’s agenda. 

And Pence agrees James would be a huge asset to Trump’s agenda.  Last year, the Vice President campaigned for James in Michigan and, according to an MLivereport, said that “Trump believes…having Republicans like James in Congress would help continue the administration’s work.” 

Trump’s priorities in the last Congress included attempts to threaten the health care of millions of Michiganders, gutting protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and passing a tax giveaway to corporate CEOs and the ultra-wealthy that is spiking the deficit and putting Medicare and Social Security at risk.

James’ close alliance with Trump is set to be a drag on his campaign again in 2020. Recent polling showed the President is underwater by double digits in the state. And even one of James’ close advisors, Randy Richardville, admitted on Off the Record that James has a “Trump problem” with “some groups.” 

“John James’ embrace of Vice President Pence once again proves he is all-in on President Trump and his toxic agenda,” said MDP Spokesperson Alex Japko. “James has shown there’s no daylight between him and this administration and he would be a close ally for them in the Senate instead of being an independent leader for Michigan. John James is out of step with Michiganders on key issues like health care and voters will reject him again next year.”


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