John James Embraces Romney to Try to Run from “2000%” Support for Trump, With Trump Camp “Increasingly Grim” About Winning Michigan

James to Join Romney Fundraiser with Republicans Who “Need Daylight from Trump” In NYC

James Schedules Another National Fundraising Event Before Hearing from Michiganders 

John James is once again trying to run away from his 2000% support for President Trump, this time by cozying up to one of Trump’s most prominent GOP critics, Utah Senator Mitt Romney. Politico reports that James will be attending a fundraiser in New York City hosted by Romney for Republican Senators and candidates who “need daylight from Trump.” It’s the latest sign that James realizes his close ties to President Trump could be a real problem in his second attempt to reach the Senate. Polling consistently shows Trump underwater in Michigan by double digits, and even the Trump campaign itself is “pessimistic” and “increasingly grim” about their chances of winning the state this time around. So it’s no surprise James is now looking for “daylight.” 

James has struggled with his Trump “identity crisis” since even before he announced his candidacy. James tried to erase social media posts highlighting his “2000%” for the president and his agenda, and was caught cropping Trump’s name out of pictures. James repeatedly “remained silent on the President’s conduct” and has failed to name a single issue that he disagrees with Trump on. But privately, Trump remains James’ “No. 1 ally” and has even sent a fundraising email containing a 100% endorsement of James’ campaign. 

James’ Trump conundrum is also a big reason why he is virtually absent from Michigan and instead hitting the national mega-donor fundraising circuit, where he won’t have to answer any tough questions on the subject. 

“John James knows his 2000% support for President Trump is such a problem in Michigan that he’s willing to cozy up to his top Republican critic Mitt Romney,” said MDP Spokesperson Alex Japko. “As the president’s campaign continues to be ‘pessimistic’ about their chances in Michigan, it’s clear James’ ‘identity crisis’ on Trump is only going to get worse. But one fundraiser with Romney isn’t going to put enough ‘daylight’ between James and his toxic support for Trump and his agenda.” 


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