James Craig Still Refuses to Disavow Corrupt Campaign Adviser Lee Chatfield As He Faces Allegations of Sexual Assault and Inner Circle Gets Raided by Michigan State Police

James Craig refuses to disavow corrupt campaign advisor Lee Chatfield, even as the fallout continues for the former Michigan State House Speaker who remains under Michigan State Police investigation following allegations of sexual assault. Chatfield was named an advisor of James Craig tasked with setting up his run for governor and in May was even notably “doing nothing to discourage speculation that he might be running for Lieutenant Governor” on Craig’s ticket.

This week, the blast radius of Chatfield’s disgrace and corruption expanded to include his former chief of staff and director of external affairs, Rob and Anne Minard. The married couple’s home was raided by Michigan State Police this week following reports that the former House Speaker funneled the better half of “at least $900,000 in campaign and nonprofit funds to…the Minards’ consulting firm, Victor Strategies.”

The Detroit News reported yesterday that Michigan State Police also obtained a warrant on Aaron Chatfield, Lee’s brother, “to search his Lansing apartment and seize his iPhone and ‘all contents therein.’” In a previous interview with Bridge Michigan, Aaron described himself as “an unofficial driver for his politically powerful brother” and recounted instances in which he took the former House Speaker to “strip clubs or evening rendezvous with various women, inside and outside of government, including a former staffer.”

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“From sexual assault to corrupt campaign and administrative finance practices, the allegations and investigations just keep piling up for not only former House Speaker Lee Chatfield, but presumably every member of his inner circle as well. James Craig’s silence on his disgraced, unethical campaign advisor is deafening. Michiganders deserve a leader with a demonstrated commitment to doing what’s right for Michigan, not one that continues to seek the campaign advice of corrupt men behind the scenes.”

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