James Craig Reaffirms That Infrastructure Still Isn’t “One of My Priorities”

After months of dodging questions from Michigan reporters and voters alike, James Craig finally shared some policy positions – one of them being infrastructure. Sort of. 

Craig, who famously rebuffed a reporter’s question about infrastructure by responding “I didn’t say that was one of my priorities,” is doubling down on ignoring an issue that’s crucially important to Michiganders.  Read his full “policy plan” below:

“Chief James Craig understands the importance of strong and secure infrastructure across Michigan. Whether it’s our crumbling roads or antiquated water systems, we must take steps to actually enhance infrastructure. Gov. Whitmer promised to fix the damn roads and hasn’t fixed a damn thing. I’ll fix Lansing and give power back to the people.”

No really. That’s it. 

This should come as no surprise after Craig criticized the historic and bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and called the once-in-a-generation opportunity to fix our roads, bridges, and lead water pipes a “DC bailout” and argued that “improving our state starts here at home, not in Washington.” 

By contrast, Michigan has seen years of progress under Governor Whitmer’s leadership. For the most recent state budget, she secured $229M for road and environmental infrastructure to improve or fully replace 100 local bridges, aid local municipalities with future extreme weather preparation, and replace lead water pipes. And since taking office, Whitmer has delivered nearly $4.75 billion to make critical repairs and replacements to nearly 13,200 lane miles of roads and over 900 bridges.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Much like his plan to cut school funding and wait for ‘magical things,’ James Craig’s plans on infrastructure are sorely lacking. This is now the third time he’s indicated that fixing Michigan’s infrastructure isn’t one of his priorities. Meanwhile, Governor Whitmer has repeatedly worked with anyone to deliver crucial wins for hardworking families and small businesses since she took office, resulting in critical investments into our infrastructure that keep Michigan first.”

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