James Craig Builds His Celebrity with As Cover Model for Special Interests While Michigan Reporters Get Sidelined

LANSING — Republican candidate for governor James Craig just can’t stop hiding from Michigan reporters. For the special interests that help build his celebrity and won’t press him on the issues that define his primary and are at the forefront of the minds of grassroots Republicans, however, it’s a different story. Craig is *literally* the picture of special interests this month as the latest cover star for NRA’s magazine, posing for pictures and giving several quotes in the long profile.

As the Detroit Metro Times pointed out last month, Craig’s position on arming as many civilians as possible with concealed weapons is in direct contrast with the way he initially denied concealed carry permits while operating as Portland, Maine’s police chief. It’s not the only extreme shift he’s made on guns since deciding he wanted to become a typical politician. He’s also echoed hyperpartisan talking points in support of arming teachers in classrooms across Michigan.

“James Craig seems to have all the time in the world for his special interest backers but none for actual Michiganders,” said MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite. “Since he started teasing a run in May, Craig’s given very little access to Michigan reporters because he knows they remain laser focused on getting an answer on everything he doesn’t want to talk about — namely whether he thinks our elections are legitimate and who is to blame for the violent January 6th insurrection. He’s going to need more than glossy features to find his way through this bitter and messy primary.”

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