The Michigan Way

Here are just a few of our Michigan values: fairness, equality, democracy, responsibility and hard work. Michigan needs leaders who will fight for those values, and build a Michigan that works for everyone, not just wealthy special interests. Michigan seniors worked hard to earn their peace of mind in retirement. But Snyder raised taxes on them, costing them $3,000 extra per year, to give a multi-billion-dollar tax break to big corporations.

Jobs and the Economy

Democratic leaders are working to build a Michigan where families, young people and seniors can stay and succeed. Gov. Snyder and Republicans in Lansing and Washington have asked middle-class families to pay for their expensive handouts to corporations and the wealthy. It’s not the Michigan Way, and it’s not working.

A recent report from his own Administration shows that Michigan’s economy won’t catch up to the national recovery for at least another decade. In Rick Snyder’s Michigan, the fastest growing industry is fast food jobs. His $1.8 billion tax break for wealthy special interests didn’t create jobs. We need to rebuild our government to be as hardworking and honest as the Michigan families who pay for it.


Democrats are working to reinvest in education, so our kids can compete in the 21st century economy. When you talk to parents and kids around the state, they all say the same thing: their schools are struggling since Rick Snyder cut over $1 billion from our community public schools, and 15 percent from our colleges and universities. Cutting education is no way to build a strong economy.

Snyder’s Failed School Takeover District

Republican Gov. Snyder’s model for Michigan’s schools is his risky Detroit schools takeover district, which he is trying to now take statewide. In the so-called Education Achievement Authority, kids are forced to attend schools with no heat or air conditioning and teachers must pay for their own supplies, while the district’s chancellor has racked up hundreds of thousands in credit card bills on travel around the country, gas for his personal chauffeur, and new furniture from IKEA.

The result? Stagnant test scores, declining enrollment, and serious questions about the district’s finances. Michigan schools need more leaders in Lansing who will once again invest in our public schools, not force a school takeover meant to enrich Gov. Snyder’s friends and allies.

Michigan’s Environment

Democrats will invest in and protect Michigan’s three greatest assets: our people, our land and our Great Lakes. Instead of standing up for one of our state’s strongest economic engines, Gov. Snyder has given Michiganders false promises and failed to protect our great natural resources.

Snyder’s administration even lobbied to bend the state’s environmental standards to protect a corporate campaign donor who operated one of the worst-polluting factories in the state. It’s time to take a stand for Michigan’s environment. In 2014, we will restore leadership that will make keeping Michigan pure a priority.

Restoring Democracy

In 2012, Michigan voters approved a ballot initiative repealing the state’s so-called Emergency Manager law. Republican politicians responded by quickly passing a replacement law. Michigan needs leaders who will bring communities together, not roll back the fundamental right to elect local government.

Women’s Rights

Michigan ranks 45th in the country for equal pay for women, with Michigan women earning just 74 percent compared to men. That’s unacceptable.

Republicans like Rick Snyder and Terri Land support an agenda that ignores paycheck fairness, would cut access to mammograms, ban common forms of contraception, and make health care more expensive for women. Equal pay and equal access to women’s health care will strengthen families right now and for the future.

Equality for All

In his first year in office, Republican Gov. Snyder signed a bill denying benefits to domestic partners of LGBT Michiganders, just because of who they are. Republicans have wasted millions in taxpayer dollars on a hateful, bigoted campaign seeking to deny adoption rights to gay and lesbian families, just because of who they love.

Loving, committed same-sex couples have been denied equal protection for too long in Michigan. Our state needs to elect leaders like Gary Peters and Mark Schauer, who are proud to stand for full equality for every Michigander.

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