Insiders Call in the Cavalry for Last-Ditch Effort to Prop Up Special Interest Backed Dixon With Six-Figure PAC Investment 

Today, Susan B. Anthony List, a special interest anti-choice group with a mission to explicitly “end abortion,” announced their affiliated PAC would be parachuting in six figures to prop up DeVos sellout and MIGOP-insider favorite Tudor Dixon, who they endorsed earlier this month. Dixon has also been endorsed by Right to Life Michigan for her dangerous plan to ban abortion with no exceptions for rape, incest or health of the mother.

Susan B. Anthony List opposes rape and incest exceptions, which their president called “abominable.” The group opposes IUDs and Plan B – in addition to same-sex marriage. They also have promoted the dangerous lie that abortion is “never medically necessary” to save the life of the mother. They previously launched a $200,000 digital ad campaign against Governor Whitmer for being a staunch defender of abortion rights.

Dixon  faced considerable scrutiny in Michigan and nationwide for saying that incest and rape resulting in the pregnancy of a child was a “perfect example” of why she supports banning abortion. When given the opportunity to clarify, she doubled down on her callous statement saying, “I’m not hiding from it.”

Previously, Dixon got caught claiming that Planned Parenthood has employed a “business model” to “introduce sex” to “7th graders” so they can profit off of “plenty of abortions in high school” – a baseless claim which she of course failed to offer any evidence backing it up.

SBA List is only the latest special interest group to use their influence to astroturf momentum for Dixon’s candidacy. The DeVos family alone has funneled hundreds of thousands to shady fringe PACs that have collectively put millions towards the effort to install the MIGOP-insider and “power broker” favorite.

Ads from these groups have tried to paper over Dixon’s disastrous plan to slash billions from police budgets.

Additionally, Dixon has a history of making “insensitive,” racist comments, calling hijabs “oppressive garments,” arguing Iranian women are being “murdered by their own family,” and excusing the use of blackface.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“All this outside money will do little to blunt the fact that Tudor Dixon has had stumble after stumble in the final weeks of this chaotic Republican gubernatorial primary, crumbling under the slightest scrutiny of her wrong-for-Michigan agenda that would ban abortion even for children who are the victims of incestual rape, slash millions from law enforcement budgets, and dismantle public education. No amount of special interest money can distract Michiganders from Dixon’s dangerous agenda.”

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