In “Postcards from Over the Edge,” MDP highlights 10 bizarre comments from radical GOP SOS candidate Kristina Karamo 

As Karamo travels out of state to raise funds, postcards highlight repeated radical comments on Satanism, abortion as child sacrifice and lies about the 2020 election 

LANSING – Radical Republican Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo is campaigning to be Michigan’s top election official, an especially troubling prospect given the GOP candidate’s total disregard for the democratic process, her inexperience in elected office and outrageous and downright irresponsible views.

And now, with reports she is heading out of the state for 10 days to raise money for her campaign, the Michigan Democratic Party is highlighting 10 of the most extreme and bizarre comments Karamo has made on the campaign trail, to the media and during episodes of her unhinged far-right extremist podcast.

The Michigan Democratic Party series called “Postcards from Over the Edge,” showcases some of the false and bizarre statements Karamo has made over the past few years while highlighting some locations in the U.S. with equally puzzling names. 

“While it can be easy to dismiss some of Kristina Karamo’s extreme views as ludicrous and disqualifying, her candidacy is an absolute threat to democracy, the rule of law and competent leadership,” said Lavora Barnes, chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. “Three Republican candidates for statewide office – Kristina Karamo, Matt DePerno and Tudor Dixon – all deny the results of the free and fair election in 2020. Karamo may be the most dangerous and unhinged among them with her comments equating abortion to child sacrifice and comparing political opponents to Satan worshipers and espousing QAnon crackpot conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. Kristina Karamo is unfit for office and our ‘Postcards from Over the Edge’ campaign will highlight why Michigan voters will reject her extreme ideas and dangerous candidacy.” 


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