ICYMI: This Time It’s Lee Chatfield, Another Former GOP State House Speaker Charged as MIGOP Corruption Continues

Chatfield’s charges show just how deep the MIGOP’s corruption goes

LANSING — In case you missed it, Attorney General Dana Nessel charged former Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield with 13 embezzlement, conspiracy, and larceny counts after he stole and misused private and public funds to bankroll his lavish lifestyle. Chatfield faces upwards of 20 years in prison for improperly using a nonprofit to charge thousands of dollars in personal expenses.

Another one bites the dust. To no one’s surprise, this is not the first time a former MIGOP Speaker has faced criminal charges for corruption from his time in office. Just last year, former Speaker Rick Johnson was sentenced to 55 months in prison for his part in leading a corrupt bribery scheme as Chair of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensing Board.

The truth is, the corruption just doesn’t stop — time and time again the MIGOP has shown that they are corrupt to their core and unworthy of holding office in Michigan. These deeply troubling patterns have become all too common in the MIGOP, yet neither Chair Pete Hoekstra nor MAGA Matt Hall seem to have anything to say about the newest corruption charges — and we aren’t holding our breath.

Another Republican speaker faces corruption charges — read more about Chatfield’s corruption charges below: 

Detroit Free Press: Ex-Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield, wife charged with embezzlement, conspiracy

  • Former Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield embezzled public and private funds to support a lavish lifestyle of fine dining, ritzy hotels and trips to exotic locations, Attorney General Dana Nessel said Tuesday in announcing felony charges against the former GOP leader and his wife Stephanie.
  • Chatfield, who held a powerful post as the majority party leader at the state Capitol, is charged in East Lansing district court with 13 embezzlement, conspiracy and larceny counts, Nessel said at a news conference. 
  • Chatfield’s wife, who allegedly assisted with improperly charging personal family expenses to a nonprofit organization called the Peninsula Fund, also faces embezzlement and conspiracy charges, Nessel said.
  • The most serious charge is a 20-year felony…
  • When Democratic lawmakers were in the minority in the state House last legislative session, they made repeated calls to set up a special committee to launch an internal review of Chatfield’s conduct in office.


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