ICYMI: Pressure Mounts on MAGA Matt Hall Because of His Extremism and Violent Past 

MAGA Matt Hall can no longer hide as Michiganders take notice of his disqualifying history

LANSING — In case you missed it, MAGA Matt Hall is under more scrutiny than ever, as Democrats hold him accountable for his extreme record and dangerous past. Yesterday, MIRS dropped a story detailing how Michigan Democrats are turning up the heat on MAGA Matt and his extremist caucus as they continue to attack our democracy and make Michiganders less safe.

This story comes on the heels of Michigan Dems launching a two-week digital ad campaign targeting MAGA Matt Hall following the shocking revelations of his abusive past. The ads, as mentioned in MIRS and The Gander, target swing voters across Hall’s district by highlighting the threatening messages he sent to another college student, saying, “I’ve got a shotgun rifle and I just put a bullet in it with your name on it!”

So far, MAGA Matt Hall has been one of the most vocal opponents of common sense gun safety reforms that are overwhelmingly popular with Michiganders. Voters need to know about his history as the legislature considers additional common-sense gun safety legislation to make Michiganders safer. 

Despite his moderate façade, MAGA Matt Hall is the face of radical, right-wing extremism in the legislature. While talk is cheap, check out the stories below for even more details on his violent past, love affair with Donald Trump, and what’s at stake if Republicans win the House back. 

Read more from the MIRS and Gander stories below: 

MIRS: Democrats Turning Up Heat On Matt Hall

  • The Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) is targeting House Minority Leader Matt HALL (R-Kalamazoo) with paid and earned media that paints him as an extreme Trump Republican who got into hot water in college for writing a threatening email.
  • MIRS has learned the five-figure social media buy is to last two weeks and is designed to get 250,000 impressions among targeted swing voters in Hall’s Kalamazoo County-based 42nd House District. Facebook is reporting the anti-Hall ad on its site started Oct. 5, the spend is $300-$399, and it’s been seen 10,000 to 15,000 times. The seat has a 55% Republican base. Hall won it in 2022 with 55% of the vote.
  • For the last two weeks, the MDP has highlighted a news report from a liberal news site highlighting an issue Hall created in 2001 when he sent a couple of emails to a fellow college student reading, “I’ve got a shotgun rifle and I just put a bullet in it with your name on it…”
  • The MDP is also attempting to tie Hall to the party’s most extreme elements of the conservative movement. He’s been a convention delegate for former President Donald TRUMP in the past. 
  • Hall also endorsed “election denier” Matt DePERNO for Attorney General and chaired a committee hearing that heard election conspiracies from Rudy GIULIANI. Hall, himself, has not embraced election conspiracies, however…
  • “This is about what is at stake in the next election, and how critical it is for Democrats to hold the House,” said MDP spokesperson Tommy KUBITSCHEK. “Matt Hall’s continued pandering to extremists, violent history and disregard for the needs of the middle class are disqualifying and deeply out of touch with the values of Michiganders. We will be there every step of the way to hold him and the MAGA Republican caucus accountable.”

The Gander: New Ads Dig Up Skeletons Involving Violent Threats From Michigan GOP Leader

  • The Michigan Democratic Party this week launched a series of advertisements on Facebook targeting Hall for allegedly threatening another student with gun violence, including sending a message that said: “I’ve got a shotgun rifle and I just put a bullet in it with your name on it!”
  • “Matt Hall admitted to making violent, racist threats,” according to one of the video ads, which goes on to display a series of threatening messages from 2001 that Hall had reportedly sent to another student at a college in Maryland, where his girlfriend was studying at the time… 
  • Hall has been one of the most vocal opponents of those recent gun safety reforms. In a press release that has since been deleted from his website, Hall reportedly said that he will “always stand against these radical proposals to interfere with your right to bear arms.”


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