ICYMI: President Biden Champions Build Back Better Agenda in Michigan

LANSING — Earlier today, President Biden traveled to Michigan where he was joined by GovernorGretchen Whitmer, several members of Michigan’s Democratic congressional delegation, and local officials in rallying public support for his bipartisan infrastructure bill and the Build Back Betteragenda. At the Operating Engineers training facility in Howell, President Biden highlighted how Democrats’ plans will grow our economy by investing in working families, paid for by repealing taxgiveaways to the rich.

During the stop, Gov. Whitmer and Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin also highlighted the waysBiden’s transformative agenda has already delivered for Michiganders — from getting checks in pockets to lowering health care costs, and from creating more jobs to providing tax cuts for middle-class families.

Here’s what folks are reading about PresidentBiden’s trip to Michigan today:

MLive: In Michigan, Biden Says America Risks ‘Losing Our Edge’ Without Big Investments In Roads And People

“Speaking for just under 40 minutes, President Biden posed his proposals as a once-in-a-generation investment to get the country back on track. He placed the bills in the context of America’s history as an economic superpower, saying infrastructure investment was the backbone of American prosperity, but ‘we slowed up and stopped investing in ourselves.”

The Detroit News: President Biden Pushes Trillion Dollar Spending Bills For ‘A Rising America’

“The $1.2 trillion infrastructure billwouldspendmoney on the nation’s roads, bridges, public transit, broadband internet and more. The social and climate policy bill, initially estimated at $3.5 trillion, would overhaul the social safety net by expanding paid leave, child care programs, childtax credits and Medicare coverage, among other priorities. It would be paid for in part by tax increases on wealthy Americans and corporations.”

Associated Press: Biden Pushes Plans As Key To Keep Us From ‘Losing Our Edge’

Callingopponents of his plans ‘complicit in America’s decline,’ President Joe Biden made thecase Tuesday for his ambitious building and social spending proposals by framing them as key to America’s global competitiveness and future success.”

“Biden went on to spell out his plans in greater detail than he has in some time, after spending the past week deep in the details of negotiations on Capitol Hill. He highlighted popular individual parts of the plan, including funding for early childhood education and investments to combat climate change, rather than the expensive topline. And he emphasized that the trillions in spending would be drawn out over a decade and paid for by tax increases on corporations and the wealthiestAmericans.”

FOX Detroit: Biden Renews Push For ‘Build Back Better,’ Infrastructure Spending Plans In Michigan

The Guardian: Biden Says $3.5tn Infrastructure Bill Provides A ‘Blue-Collar Blueprint’

Bloomberg News: Biden Calls Foes of Economic Plans ‘Complicit’ in U.S. Decline

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