ICYMI: One of the MAGA Men Connected to Whitmer Kidnap Plot Now Running for Sheriff

Just a week after reports that one of the false electors is running for state house – MIGOP keeps stooping lower 

LANSING — In case you missed it, Eric Molitor, a MAGA Republican and one of the men indicted and closely connected to the kidnap plot of Governor Whitmer, is now running for sheriff in Wexford County. 

In a bombshell story, the Detroit News reports that Molitor is running to show that his prosecution was a “setup by the government.” If elected, Molitor promises not to enforce the common sense gun safety laws that Michiganders overwhelmingly support and were passed into law last year – a position that could potentially have Molitor held in contempt of court. As the incumbent sheriff that Molitor is running against put it, “I don’t think the citizens want a sheriff that’s going to be potentially lodged in their own jail.”

It’s clear that there’s no line Michigan Republicans won’t cross —this candidate is only the latest in the long line of the MAGA MIGOP’s roster of extremists running at various levels of the ballot. Just last week, Bridge Michigan reported that Michelle Lundgren, one of the fake electors charged with attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 election, is running against state House Speaker Joe Tate. Whether it’s Molitor or Lundgren, these MAGA extremists have no place serving Michiganders in any office. 

Michigan Republicans get crazier and more out of touch with Michiganders by the day as the MIGOP proves nothing is off-limits for this anti-democratic, extremist party. 

Read more about the dangerous, MAGA extremism sheriff candidate below: 

Detroit News: Man acquitted of aiding Whitmer kidnap plot now running for sheriff

  • In an interview Thursday, Molitor, 40, of Cadillac confirmed he filed paperwork to challenge the county’s incumbent sheriff, Trent Taylor, in the Republican primary. Molitor said his personal legal troubles had opened his eyes to problems in the criminal justice system and if elected, he would refuse to enforce laws that he deemed unconstitutional…
  • Molitor was one of 14 men charged in federal or state courts in 2020 because of their involvement in alleged plans to kidnap and harm Whitmer, Michigan’s top government official…
  • Molitor testified during his trial, describing his participation in a ride to see the governor’s vacation home in northern Michigan, according to the Associated Press.
  • “It didn’t seem serious. … The danger level in my mind was decreasing just based on the fact that they were not organized. It was two guys, one of them just talking crazy,” testified Molitor, according to the Associated Press. “My danger level went way down…”
  • Taylor, a Republican and the county’s current sheriff, is running for a third term…
  • Molitor said one of the key differences he has with Taylor is Molitor plans to refuse to enforce Michigan’s new “red flag law,” which allows judges to order law enforcement to temporarily confiscate firearms from people they deem a risk to themselves or others.
  • “It’s going behind someone’s back to take their possessions,” said Molitor of the policy, which was signed into law by Whitmer in April 2023.
  • The Democratic governor said the “red flag” law was part of a package of bills that would take Michigan one step closer to having “common sense” gun policies.
  • “Gun violence is a scourge that is unique to this country and that’s why we are taking action,” Whitmer said last year.
  • Taylor said the “red flag” policy is the law of the land and he will enforce it. Taylor said a law enforcement official who refuses a judge’s order could be found in contempt of court. 
  • “I don’t think the citizens want a sheriff that’s going to be potentially lodged in their own jail,” Taylor said.


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