ICYMI: NYT Sums It Up – GOP “Broken and Battered,” Starving for Cash

Continuous infighting – sometimes physical –  has forced disgraced, unpopular former Governor Snyder back on the scene to try (and fail) to piece together the fracturing party

LANSING — In case you missed it, the New York Times released an extensive and detailed report this morning outlining the Michigan GOP’s continued fall from their once-unified position of power in the state.

After elevating election deniers and conspiracy theorists to the highest levels of their state party, the Michigan GOP is now forced to confront lackluster fundraising numbers, a mass exodus of donors, and – oh yeah – felony charges. 

In a desperate attempt to save the rapidly sinking ship, MAGA House Minority Leader Matt Hall (who, importantly, has fueled election conspiracies of his own) has teamed up with disgraced Governor Rick Snyder to fundraise money away from the state party, furthering the deep divisions within Michigan Republicans that has already led to physical brawls during meetings.

NYT reporter Nick Corasaniti writes:

“…A group of prominent activists — including a former statewide candidate — was hit this month with felony charges connected to a bizarre plot to hijack election machines. And in the face of these troubles, suspicion and infighting have been running high. A recent state committee meeting led to a fistfight, a spinal injury and a pair of shattered dentures.”

“…Mr. Trump’s election lies spread like wildfire in Michigan, breaking the state party into ardent believers and pragmatists wanting to move on. Bitter disputes, power struggles and contentious primaries followed, leaving the Michigan Republican Party a husk of itself.”

“…The slow unraveling of the state party began well before the 2020 election. Throughout the Obama administration, the right wing of the party grew more vocal and active. After Mr. Trump’s victory in 2016, many party posts that were once controlled largely by megadonor families and the Republican establishment began to be filled by Trump acolytes.”

“…Former Gov. Rick Snyder, among the last Republicans elected statewide in Michigan, has begun a fund-raising campaign directing money away from the state party and directly into the House Republican caucus in a desperate attempt to win back at least one chamber of the State Legislature.”

“…[Republicans in 2022] were resoundingly defeated. Republicans also lost control of both chambers of the State Legislature. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the Democratic incumbent, sailed to a landslide victory.”

Read the full piece here to fully understand just how far the Michigan GOP has fallen.

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