ICYMI: Michigan House Speaker Takes Action Against Racist MAGA MIGOP Rep. Schriver

Speaker Tate strips Rep. Schriver of his committee assignments and staff after spreading racist conspiracy theories

LANSING — In case you missed it, Democrats have taken action against MAGA MI state Rep. Josh Schriver. Today, Michigan Speaker of the House Joe Tate sanctioned state Rep. Josh Schriver after he spread racist conspiracy theories on his social media and continuously doubled down on these dangerous sentiments. 

Speaker Tate removed Schriver from his committee assignments, reassigned his legislative staff, and had his office budget stripped away. Democrats are making it clear that we will always stand up to hatred and bigotry in all forms. 

In stark contrast, the MIGOP and its so-called “leaders” like MAGA Matt Hall have continued to say nothing. There has been no denouncement or condemnation of Rep. Schriver’s behavior or statements from MAGA Matt’s office since Schriver first posted the racist conspiracy theories. This tacit endorsement of these dangerous ideas proves that there is no level the MAGA MIGOP won’t stoop to.

Democratic leaders like Speaker Tate are holding Schriver accountable to make it crystal clear that bigotry and racism are unacceptable and have no place in Michigan. Schriver’s behavior has shown that he does not deserve to serve this state nor does he deserve to work alongside the Democrats who are delivering for Michiganders instead of spreading hate. 

Read more about Speaker Tate sanctioning Rep. Schriver below: 

AP: Republican Michigan Lawmaker Loses Staff and Committee Assignment After Online Racist Post

  • Schriver, who represents portions of Oakland and Macomb counties, can vote on the House floor. But Tate removed him from a committee and told the House Business Office to oversee his staff members, who still can assist constituents…
  • Schriver was elected to a two-year term in 2022. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, released a statement Friday calling his post “abhorrent rhetoric.” “We will never let those who stoke racial fears divide us,” she said.

Detroit News: Michigan GOP lawmaker stripped of committee, office staff after ‘great replacement’ post

  • Tate’s office said GOP state Rep. Josh Schriver of Oxford will still be able to vote on the House floor but his service on committees and access to office resources is subject to the “discretion and pleasure” of Tate, D-Detroit…
  • While some Republican lawmakers condemned Schriver’s post, House Republican Leader Matt Hall has stayed silent on the issue.

WLNS: House Speaker strips Michigan Rep. of committee assignments, reassigns his staff

  • “I will not allow the Michigan House of Representatives to be a forum for the proliferation of racist, hateful and bigoted speech,” House Speaker Tate said. “Representative Schriver has a history of promoting debunked theories and dangerous rhetoric that jeopardizes the safety of Michigan residents and contributes to a hostile and uncomfortable environment for others…”
  • Tate is also removing Schriver from assignments on the House Natural Resources, Environment, Tourism, and Outdoor Recreation Committee, and the resources typically made available to a representative will be held by the House Business Office. According to Tate, these “resources are provided at the discretion and pleasure of the Speaker.”

Bridge Michigan: Michigan lawmaker sanctioned over ‘racist, hateful and bigoted speech’

  • House Speaker Joe Tate, D-Detroit, said he is removing Schriver from previously assigned committees, pulling his funding allotment for office functions and reassigning his staff because of what he called “racist, hateful and bigoted speech” by the freshman lawmaker…
  • Schriver, who will still be able to vote in the Michigan House, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Monday. 
  • Nor did a spokesperson for House Minority Leader Matt Hall, R-Richland Township, who has not weighed in since Schriver endorsed the “Great Replacement Theory,” which falsely claims a concerted agenda to eliminate the white race through immigration.

MLive: Michigan lawmaker stripped of committees, staff after endorsing racist conspiracy theory

  • House Speaker Joe Tate, D-Detroit, said in a statement. “The House of Representatives is the people’s house, and all Michiganders should look upon this body and take pride in how we conduct ourselves. It is also a workplace and I have a responsibility to make sure the employees of the House feel safe and secure…”
  • Representatives are provided $132,000 for office expenses, Tate spokesperson Amber McCann said, to which Schriver will no longer have access. Members of the House also generally employ two staff members. Tate said the staff would be reassigned


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