ICYMI: Michigan GOP Leader Slams Donald Trump, Endorses Biden

Yesterday, former Michigan Republican Party Executive Director and John Kasich adviser Jeff Timmer slammed Donald Trump for his failed leadership and urged a vote for Joe Biden. The story comes as other Michigan Republicans, including Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor, have endorsed Biden for President. Read more here:

MLive: Why a former Michigan GOP leader joined disillusioned Republicans against Trump

Key Points:

  • “Serious-minded people recognize this is not a serious-minded White House and not a capable president,” Timmer said, later adding. “The failure of Trump as a leader is at the core of what we’re seeing happening to the nation right now.”
  • “There’s no room for dissent in today’s Republican Party. There is only fealty to the leader,” Timmer said. “The Republican Party was never like that before, it was adherence to ideas. That’s all irrelevant now. If you dare look sideways at Donald Trump for any reason you are a heretic.”
  • Timmer said the idea is to get independents on Biden’s side and convince a handful of 2016 Trump voters that the president is bad for the country. 
  • Timmer said there are more people like himself who simply don’t see themselves as Republicans anymore. “Trump sends out these gibbering tweets about high support among Republicans. It’s high, but the number of people calling themselves Republicans has diminished,” Timmer said. “He can have 100% of a small band of Trumpists; that doesn’t matter.”
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