ICYMI: “Michigan Democrats slam Trump’s proposed health care cuts”

LANSING– While Donald Trump continues his relentless war on Medicare, Medicaid, and the ACA, Michigan Democrats are holding him accountable for his broken promises. Read more here:

MLive: Stabenow, Michigan Democrats slam Trump’s proposed health care cuts
By Malachi Barrett

Key Points:

  • Michigan Democrats said President Donald Trump’s 2021 budget proposal shows his priorities contradict his promises to protect health care for vulnerable Americans.
  • Michigan Democrats also criticized a recently unveiled a plan that would allow states to cap Medicaid spending. The plan would let states apply for a waiver and receive Medicaid funding through federal block grants.
  • Dr. Farhan Bhatti, CEO of Care Free Medical in Lansing, said capping Medicare funding could prevent people from receiving care if the money runs out or procedures are deemed too expensive. Bhatti said 66% of his patients use Medicaid.
  • “Their access to health care increased so much with the passage of Medicaid expansion,” Bhatti said. “I’m very concerned on behalf of my patients, many of whom voted for Donald Trump, that capping Medicaid or changing Medicaid to a block grant format would be very detrimental to them. we don’t want Medicaid to all of a sudden stop covering dental because they run out of money.”
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