ICYMI: Michigan Democrats Hold Trump Accountable for Steel Worker Layoffs

LANSING–– After U.S. Steel announced layoffs the day after Donald Trump’s desperate Battle Creek rally, Michigan Democrats held the failed president accountable for his broken promises to Michigan voters. Here’s what they’re saying:

MLive: Democrats blame Trump for U.S. Steel layoffs announced after Michigan rally

By Malachi Barrett
December 23,2019

Key Points:

  • Michigan Democrats say the idling of a U.S. Steel mill shows President Donald Trump failed to rejuvenate the steel industry as promised. U.S. Steel announced plans to indefinitely idle a significant portion of its Great Lakes Works operation near Detroit starting in April 2020 and will notify 1,545 employees of mass layoffs taking effect next year.
  • The Michigan Democratic Party quickly jumped on the news, released the day after Trump declared “steel is back” at a campaign rally in Battle Creek. “This is yet another devastating broken promise from a president who time and again has left Michigan’s working families behind,” Michigan Democratic Party spokesman Christian Slater said in a statement.
  • Trump flipped Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in 2016 while promising to revive the manufacturing industry and bring jobs back to shuttered facilities. Trump told Michigan voters “you won’t lose one plant” during a 2016 rally in Warren.
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