ICYMI: MDP Chair Lavora Barnes: “Our Voters Are Fired Up and We’re Channeling That Passion Into Action”

LANSING––In the aftermath of big Democratic victories throughout Michigan and the country, MDP Chair Lavora Barnes highlighted Democratic Party enthusiasm in every corner of the state and electoral victories up and down the ballot. Here’s what they’re saying about Democratic enthusiasm with one year to go until the 2020 election:

MLive: Michigan Democrats optimistic about results in national elections
By Malachi Barrett
November 6, 2019

Key points:

  • Michigan Democrats are celebrating the results of the local elections and state-level races across the country, seeing positive signs for their chances of victory in 2020. Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes embarked on a statewide tour last weekend to drive turnout in local elections and convince residents to vote again next year. Increasing turnout among Democrats is a key part of the party’s strategy in its mission to flip a state that voted for Trump by a narrow 0.3% margin in 2016.
  • “The message with these elections is clear: our voters are fired up and we’re channeling that passion into action,” Barnes said. “The Republican brand is toxic. With the strength of our organization and the investments we’ll continue to make, Michigan will be going blue again in 2020.”

Holland Sentinel: State Dem chair notes increased enthusiasm in Holland area
By Arpan Lobo
November 6, 2019

Key points:

  • Barnes visited the Ottawa County Democrats during their meeting on Sunday, Nov. 3. She told The Sentinel that despite being in a majority Republican district, local Democrats are increasingly enthusiastic about heading to the polls to participate in local elections this year and next year’s general election.“It was a great weekend,” she said, after making stops in Ottawa and Kent counties.
  • “The big thing was how many people were actively volunteering and working on election-related activities. It felt the way it usually feels during an even-year election. It bodes well for what 2020 will be like. The eyes of the nation are on Michigan this time,” she said. “Our presidential candidates all know that and have been here and will be back, will continue to come here and talk to voters. We as a party know that, and we are everywhere in this state focused on having great conversations on the importance of turning out and the issues important to Democrats.
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