ICYMI: MDP Chair Lavora Barnes, Health Care Advocates Blast Donald Trump at Roundtable

LANSING– As Trump repeated his false claims about protecting health care at the State of the Union, Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes was joined by health care advocates for a roundtable discussion on Donald Trump’s latest attack on Medicaid and his broken promises on health care. The roundtable discussion was held at Carefree Medical Clinic, a non-profit dedicated to providing access to health care for low income individuals.

“We have a laundry list of broken promises from Donald Trump in this state, and this is one of the most critical,” said MDP Chair Lavora Barnes. “This block grant would have disastrous effects for Michiganders who rely on Medicaid to get the care they need and put our state’s most vulnerable at risk. We’re going to fight relentlessly to hold this president accountable for his broken promises and turn Michigan blue this November.”

“With his attacks on Medicaid and his fight to repeal the ACA in Congress and in court, Donald Trump is threatening to take health care away from millions of people, including my patients,” said Dr. Farhaan Bhatti. “With his attacks on these programs, my clinic won’t be able to afford to service to the patients we do. This is a dire situation for clinics like mine across our state and across our nation.”

“My son is one of the finest humans I know. He is also disabled and relies on Medicaid to lead an independent and productive life,” said Dr. Mary Sharp. “Medicaid helps ensure our most vulnerable can lead quality lives. Donald Trump must think that reducing Medicaid costs is like firing a bunch of casino employees with no impact on people’s health. We need to stand up to these cuts and stand against what he’s doing to critical programs that help families like mine throughout Michigan.”

“Donald Trump’s latest proposal would be a devastating cut to Medicaid and be disastrous for older Americans who rely on it for critical health care,” said former AARP President Eric Schneidewind. “He promised not to cut Medicaid, but that promise has been broken. He promised not to slash Medicare, and he’s fighting to cut it. Time and again, Trump has attacked health care for the most vulnerable.”

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