ICYMI: MAGA Election-Denier Running for Michigan Supreme Court Against Trailblazing Justice

MAGA MIGOP candidate Matt DePerno runs against Justice Kyra Harris Bolden 

LANSING — In case you missed it, conspiracy theorist and MAGA fanatic Matt DePerno is running for the Michigan Supreme Court to unseat Justice Kyra Harris Bolden, the first Black woman to sit on the state bench. It’s impressive time management from DePerno given that he’s also busy facing charges of undue possession of a voting machine and conspiracy that could result in up to five years in prison. 

Long-time Trump acolyte DePerno has proven to be a dangerous MAGA extremist time and time again: opposing reproductive freedom and threatening the very foundation of our democracy. On the other hand, Justice Kyra Harris Bolden has been a historic Justice and a staunch advocate for reproductive rights and criminal justice reform. The contrast couldn’t be more clear.

The Michigan Supreme Court is at risk of being flipped to a conservative majority, so the stakes for our rights and freedoms are sky-high this year. DePerno and the rest of the Republicans running for the court will be a threat to Michiganders’ rights every single day, and it’s more important than ever for us to put strong leaders on the bench like Justice Kyra Harris Bolden and Kimberly Ann Thomas who will uphold the rule of law and defend our rights and institutions. 

Read more from The Gander below: 

The Gander: Election-denying conspiracy theorist runs for Michigan Supreme Court

  • A former Republican candidate for state Attorney General who was criminally charged in connection with an effort to illegally access and tamper with voting machines in Michigan after the 2020 election is now running for a seat on the state’s high court.
  • Matt DePerno is a relentless election denier, conspiracy theorist, and long-time supporter of ex-President Donald Trump who was handily defeated in his bid to unseat Attorney General Dana Nessel in 2022, and then lost a bid to become chairman of the Michigan GOP last year…
  • DePerno (alongside other Republicans) was arraigned last summer on charges of undue possession of a voting machine and conspiracy after five vote tabulators were allegedly taken from three Michigan counties and illegally brought to a hotel room, where Republicans then broke into them to perform a series of “tests” on the equipment, according to court records.
  • Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes said DePerno’s “disdain for democracy and reproductive freedom” make him “unfit to serve” and a “direct threat to our legal system.”
  • “The stakes have never been higher for these supreme court races—if Trump’s MAGA loyalists are elected, they will do everything in their power to drag our state backward,” she said.


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