ICYMI: James Craig-Backed Tax Plan Would “Create Long-Term Budget Problems” for Police Officers Across Michigan

“Great start.” – James Craig

Earlier this month, James Craig threw his support behind a Republican $2.5 billion tax plan that groups such as the Michigan Association of Police Organizations (MAPO) warned would “come at the expense of critical services,” “reduce police protection,” create “long-term budget problems,” and “will only add to the challenges facing law enforcement in Michigan.”

Despite the serious budgetary strains this legislation would put on local communities’ efforts to keep their streets safe, Craig said it was a “great start” and wished it could “go even further.” 

Additionally, the “unsustainable” and “short-sighted” tax plan wouldn’t cut costs for working families. In reality it “disproportionately helps the state’s wealthiest residents” who stand to receive “nearly $5,000” while Michiganders that need the most relief would only save $12 dollars.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“James Craig should know better than to turn his back on members of law enforcement, but he once again shoots from the hip with his support for this disastrous Republican tax plan that would strip funding from police departments across Michigan and make communities less safe. Michigan working families deserve a leader who will put them first by not defunding critical services to cater to the whims of their political agenda.”

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