ICYMI: In Wake of Upcoming Roe v. Wade Reversal, Entire Slate of Gubernatorial Republicans Reinforced Their Dangerous Agenda to Eliminate Reproductive Freedom

This week, the news broke that a draft opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court spells out the argument for overturning Roe v. Wade. The reports are yet another indication that the Court is poised to dismantle long-standing precedent and strip reproductive rights from millions of Michigan women and families – an outcome eagerly welcomed by every Republican running for governor in Michigan this cycle.

Several made comments that built on the extreme anti-choice stances they’ve already gone out of their way to establish.

  • Tudor Dixon issued a lengthy statement doubling-down on her crusade to ban abortions without exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother, acknowleding that pregnancy should be forced on women regardless of if it “may even be an awful circumstance.” Additionally and without a hint of irony, Dixon called for businesses to “step up and support family leave” while stressing that, unlike women, those entities shouldn’t be mandated to go through with something they don’t want to. 
  • Ryan Kelley echoed similar extreme sentiments in an email to his supporters that included a picture of him at an anti-choice rally with a sign that says “Conceived from rape. I love my life.”
  • James Craig reiterated that he was “unapologetically pro-life” and “thrilled” about the prospect of involving the government in the personal decisions of women and families.
  • Kevin Rinke indicated that the content of the disclosed brief indicated that the U.S. Supreme Court “acted properly” and reaffirmed his commitment to ensuring Michigan eliminates reproductive freedom.
  • Perry Johnson elevated one of his recent ads touching on his firm anti-choice position.
  • Garrett Soldano issued a short statement celebrating the potential reversal of Roe v. Wade.
  • Ralph Rebant used the news to tout his support for misleading crisis pregnancy centers and his pledge to “support the existing anti-abortion legislation and any legislation that shores up the pre-existing laws.”

Should the Supreme Court fully overturn Roe v. Wade as expected, Michigan will immediately revert back to a draconian and previously dormant law from 1931 that criminalizes abortion, makes felons out of reproductive health care providers, and provides no exceptions for rape or incest. Anti-choice advocates have touted the near-total abortion as the most restrictive in the country.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“It should come as no shock that this crowded crop of radicals vying to be the Republican nominee for governor wasted no time to celebrate what would easily be one of the most devastating setback to American women and families in decades. They have made it abundantly clear that they would not only abandon their duty as governor to be the last line of defense for reproductive freedom, but actively use their position to force pregnancy without exception for rape or incest. These gubernatorial candidates and their rabid anti-choice agenda shouldn’t be anywhere near the governor’s office.”

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